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Keeping it Fresh with Norma Toering

This Keeping it Fresh is brought to you by Norma Toering.


How long have you been in business?                                                       

I celebrated my 20th anniversary in the business last October.

What outfit do you own that makes you feel invincible?

I'm more of an accessories lover than a particular outfit although I do love the Black Halo dress I'm wearing in the photo. When I slip on a nice pair of shoes, add a piece or two of fine jewelry (right now, I'm loving a mix of pearls and vintage rhinestones) the simplest sheath looks elegant.  Of course I never walk out the door without my little Chanel bag strapped across my body.  It frees my hands for unlocking doors and it's a chic little accessory that moves the ordinary outfit to the next level.

What is the biggest fashion faux pas you've ever made?

Gosh, I'm sure there have been many--but the one that comes to mind first is the time I wore a playboy bunny costume to a company Halloween costume party.  Most people were wearing a small mask but in business attire.  There I was in fishnet hose with bunny ears and a fluffy white tail pinned to my black leotard.  After my initial discomfort I had a great time, and when I see anyone from that era of my life they ask if I still have the playboy bunny costume...I mean really, it was a costume party.  :) 

What celebrity is your style doppelganger?

I like classy with an element of edge added to keep it fresh. I know the rules of fashion but I don't always play by them. I'd watch "The Tourist" again just to see Angelina Jolie in all those gorgeous outfits.

Best Fashion Advice?

For me, it's more about style than fashion.  I still wear my White Stag nylon windbreaker from my college days and a Ralph Lauren velvet jacket from 1985. The dress in the photo was purchased in 2008 and the photo taken last month.  Style is timeless.


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