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Top 5 Most Commented on Posts of 2013

In my orientation classes for the newbies, I always stress the importance of comments.  How they can slingshot your name into the community and keep the conversation going.  If you agree with what the author is saying, awesome say so.  If you don't, awesome say so!  Comments are the butter to any blog post.  Of course we know consumers don't usually leave comments, but the generous love for one another from member to member that keeps those comments rolling.

I've checked out the highest commented on posts of 2013.  I took out AR's because, well, you have to read our stuff.  3 of them are challenges hosted on AR which come as no surprise.  The other two are interesting subjects which spread like wildfire.   

Congratulations to the writers and thank you to the commenters who made these the top 5 commented on posts of 2013!

Coming in at #1 for 2013 is the lovely Debbie Reynolds!  What We Have in Common, Getting to Know Each Other Better racked in 329 comments!  A contest that urged Rainers to lift up the blanket a little and share 10 things we may not have known about you, past and present.  The adventures our community has experienced made our eyes pop.  Migration, stories of strength and overcoming obstacles, love, and intimate details of your lives were shared.  It is quite a thing of beauty to feel safe and excited to share pieces of one's self with your AR family.  

A close second with 324 comments is Gail Robinson, Today I was Told by BofA My Home is Going Into Foreclosure.  The title alone had Rainers worried and flocking to see what was going on in Gail's world.  Her loan mod had been declined because she hadn't submitted all the documentation.  Feeling this was a bogus excuse, she shared her troubling story with us all.  She then asked you, the ActiveRain community to do their best in getting the story out there via social media. guys did just that!  The very next day 2 BofA social media managers contacted her and let her know her case had been taken to their escalation team.  2 days after that, 3 more calls from BofA.   5 days later and her loan mod was approved and en route to Fannie Mae.  A feat that may not have happened without the power of having you, the AR community behind her.  This story is shared with many when we try to explain the community and love AR has.

#3 comes to us from Tampa where Jeff Launiere wrote Realtor® Getting Sued Over IDX.  Are You Next?  304 comments, scattered with many "wow"s, "that is outrageous", and encouragement to keep fighting.  His story shares a fight within himself for what is right. A warning to others of what can happen and thank goodness this one had a happy ending.  The comments left were constructive and managed to keep the conversation going.  Support and advice came from flowing in from Rainers for weeks and even a comment left 2 months later.

Liz and Bill Spear come in 4th place with Know Your Neighborhoods June Challenge.  BLiz knows niche marketing is the greatest advantage real estate professionals have to enhance their marketing efforts.  This challenge asked you to get to know your area and blog about it.  A challenge that got you AR points, but the big picture was to get your audience's attention.  Comments let us know members were thankful for the push, seeing results and our hope is that the challenge resulted in a habit.  Look for more contests like this to come in 2014.

Rounding out the list at #5 is Donna Foerster with An October Challenge:  Who Would You Like to Meet Live and In Person?  282 comments from participants and interested folks.  We all "know" each other from behind the scenes but have you ever wanted to sit down and share a brewski or break bread with someone you see on AR?  Well most of us do!  Donna allowed for 3 posts to make the task easier; yes more posts but how to dwindle down the vast array of awesome people to just one??  Talk about a challenge! The posts were full of love and admiration for one another, not only did the author highlight someone in the 'Rain but that person was introduced to many other readers as well.  That's the beauty of a blog post, you never know who's going to see it!

2014 is just around the corner, what wonderful stories it will bring!


Kerrie La Guardia
Community Manager


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Top 5 Most Commented on Posts of 2013
In my orientation classes for the newbies, I always stress the importance of comments. How they can slingshot your name into the community and keep the conversation going. If you agree with what the author is saying, awesome say so. If you don't,… more
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