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No More Excuses, Success Can Be Yours

I had a meeting this morning and it's left me jazzed and excited.  Can you feel the wind from my jazz hands over there?  I'm pumped about the possibilities available to all of you here on AR.  Staggering results come from AR every. single. day.  And it can be yours. There are probably some newbies out there thinking "where do I even start".  Don't set too broad of goals for yourself, set daily goals for yourself and execute.

Do things like:  Set up Google+ account, (imperative to SEO results...much more to come on this).  Write a 500 word post about (your city) townhomes with a view; quality content is key.  Write a post about your listing before your listing presentation tomorrow; bring your laptop and dazzle them with the work you've already done for them.  Write a post about the Shamrock 5K in your neighborhood.  Include links to helpful sites.  Every little thing helps so get out there and do something today!


AR averaged 3851 posts & 4,538 comments per day last week!  Is Red Bull pouring out your faucets or what?  Sugar free for me please!


ActiveRain had the most pageviews, 3,299 with Real Estate Recovery or Not?  2012 Predictions by the Pro's Infographic

AR finally released the results of the Hot or Not survey conducted late in 2011.  We made an amazing infographic highlighting the results.


Karen Fiddler had the most comments last week, 130 and counting, with Tips for a Successful "Drive by Comment"

Interaction is great for many reasons and also helpful for your SEO.  Quality comments from member engagement is a great way to show Google your post is legit and relevant to the topic at hand.


Get the ball rolling you guys.  Dedicate time to follow through with your blogging efforts.  You know I'm not just preaching this stuff, you want to see results?  Hear it from the mouths of members living it!  Amy Hahn says "75% of my current listings are a direct result of Hyper-Local Posts".  Donna Harris said "I have closed over $6.3M in sales volume..."  I'm sorry how much?  Pretty staggering numbers there ladies!!

Set up a daily goal.  Make it visible so you are faced with it.  Set up an alert on your phone at 3pm to be reminded.  I don't want to hear any excuses.  If you want your phone to ring, if you want to book listings, if you want to close transactions and spread your brand then DO IT!  I'm behind you 100%!!

Kerrie La Guardia
Community Manager


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