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Things that Make You Go Hmmmm

Not to get all C&C Music Factory on you but a few tidbits have stopped me in my tracks and tickled my interest. Allow me to share a few:

Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media network
Yes, 3rd!  I knew Pinterest was gaining momentum and doing it fast but wow!  Facebook and Twitter are 1st and 2nd respectively. Are you pinning?  Do you have a "Homes for Sale" board?  If not, please get over there and sign up.  Install the "pin it" button in your tool bar and PIN dammit!  I want traffic headed to you and your blogs and this is an easy way to do it.  Major, major traffic you guys.

Most downloaded video of all time on YouTube
With 819,149,582 views, Justin Bieber's Baby video takes the cake.  This one was quite interesting as we all know 13 year old girls run the world!  Back in the day you couldn't say a bad thing about New Kids on the Block without hearing it from me.  I begged my parents to join their fan club even though they spelled my name wrong; my sister still refers to me as Kernie when she's feeling feisty.  

Pawn Stars 
Ever seen the show Pawn Stars?  I watched it for the first time this weekend and was intrigued.  A man thought he had an original Booth Wanted Poster after the assassination of Lincoln but it turned out to be a fake.  Well anyways, the reward was $100K.  Quite a lot of money today even.  They also let us know that the highest reward ever offered was $25 million for information leading up to the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

Communities Uniting
The Seattle Seahawks are in the playoffs.  I'm not much a football fan, anyone that knows me knows I live and breathe Yankees but it is a very happy feeling to have your city pumped for a win.  It's like we come together a bit more and root, root, root.  Think if we had that kind of unity for other causes too.  Hunger, Youth Development, Homelessness.   

There are so many damn bananas in this world.  They occupy a big portion of the fruit section at my local grocer, my fruit basket and even my desk today.  Think of how many grocery stores, fruit stands and other retailers sell bananas.  That is a ton of bananas! (you may be thinking I've gone bananas at this point) It's amazing to think of the original origin, who hacked them down and how many miles they traveled to get to my fruit basket.  Upon further investigation, Americans alone eat 12 billion bananas each year and bananas don't grow on trees.  They're herbs that grow up to 25 feet.  

Foursquare for Business & Personal
Foursquare is an app you use to check in to places.  It's great because you can see where your friends are at and just another way to keep in touch with everyone.  But the real reason I check stuff!  I've gotten appetizers, beauty products and discounts off my purchases.  Next time you're out to eat or shopping, check in and you may just get something a little extra.  And since I of course want you to stay on top of everything social, claim your business at Foursquare.  Your next client just might be an avid Foursquare user and his or her check in will be shared with all their friends on the site.

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Things that Make You Go Hmmmm
Not to get all C&C Music Factory on you but a few tidbits have stopped me in my tracks and tickled my interest. Allow me to share a few: Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media network Yes, 3rd! I knew Pinterest was gaining… more
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