Kerrie's Blog: A Little Different Look and Feel

A Little Different Look and Feel

Check out our new look!  AR has been developing this for quite some time and even let our Ambassadors in on a sneak peek so as to gain feedback.  We're very happy with it and hope you are too!  Stay tuned for more enhancements in the coming months!

ActiveRain Gets a New Header Design

Lots of fun announcements taking place recently.

This is one that I'm really excited to get to share with you. Depending on when you are reading this, you may already notice something a little different about the look and feel on the top of the ActiveRain site. This newly designed header for the site is the first step in a pretty decent renovation that will take place over the coming months on ActiveRain.

This is just the first step in the redesign 

We'd love to have you play around with it. Functionally there isn't too much change. We are trying to bring a little bit more order to where you find things on the site. As with any kind of change it will take just a tad bit of getting used to. A couple of links that you might have been used to clicking in a certain spot may have moved slightly. The mega menu drop downs still hold everything that the header menu held before. 

In the future you can expect to see some pretty major upgrades to the layout of your blog posts and also your profile on ActiveRain. As I said, this is just a first step in the process with the primary focus being:

  • To make ActiveRain more visually appealing
  • To have more responsive design and a better consumer experience
  • To allow you to generate more leads from your blog
  • To give the site a more current look and feel

We've continued to make iterative adjustments to the SEO on ActiveRain to get more traffic and better rankings. We'll also continue to work on the stability of the site throughout the redesign process (Although we have already made dramatic improvements there). Many of these changes are so minor as not to be noticed but are important to keep ActiveRain in a position to get your content ranking in the search engines. 

Would love your Feedback

As we will do in the future, we let our Ambassadors take a spin with the new layout and will be taking their feedback to make minor adjustments as we continue to refine the user experience on the site. Let us know what you think and please, if you have any questions or something doesn't seem to be working like it should, or you can't find something, leave a comment here. We'll be looking at your feedback as well. 

If you would like to take a little tour with Bob (I'm actually writing this so for the time being just let me speak in the third person, but please understand that I know it's ridiculous) he'll be walking you through the new design. And he (which is really I) has a big mouth so don't be surprised if he talks about some of the other design elements coming down the road as well. He (I) will most likely get in trouble for sharing these things, but he (I) is too excited to keep them to himself any longer.

Register for the Tour of the New Header Design on Monday May 20th at 10am Pacific Time (1pm Eastern Time)

Have a question, or a find a bug that needs squashing?

Questions? Open a support ticket with ActiveRain!

Just click the envelope to open a support ticket!

Keep Up In the Rain!

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Kerrie La Guardia
Community Manager


Comment balloon 40 commentsKerrie La Guardia • May 16 2013 02:35PM


Kerrie, I love this new Look. It just took me a few minutes to discover where everything was. Keep up the Good Work!

Posted by Jerry Newman, Texas REALTOR, San Antonio Military Relocation (Brown Realty, 210-789-4216, almost 6 years ago

Hi Kerrie (or Bob, or whomever) - Nice! I like it! I particularly like the mouseover feature of the headers - a bit quicker and sleeker. And I'm looking forward to what comes next.

Posted by Dick Greenberg, Northern Colorado Residential Real Estate (New Paradigm Partners LLC) almost 6 years ago

Hi Kerrie & Bob,

Love it and the clouds are so cute and sculptured with a nice blue background. Of course I am still getting used to it so I am sure the class Monday will help. I will be there and as always thanks for making it better for all of us.

Posted by Kristin Hamilton CA Realtor, (909) 557-6966- Specialize 55+ Communties Banning (Sun Lakes Realty) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie, great job on design and function. Works and looks great! 

Posted by Frank Rubi, (Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC) almost 6 years ago

Howdy and afternoon Kerrie

Kerrie my friend, as I'm sure you know, I left a comment for Bob and did see his answer to it.

Here is one for you, will the links on the left side be staying or going?

Back when they added it was to get rid of the one which were across the top of the page. It does not seem that we really need so many links on the pages which do the some thing. Besides having so many internal areas of a site, it does not say a lot for the sit plus it sure can be a part of what slows down a site. 

Have a good one

Dale in New Hampshire

Posted by Dale Baker, New Hampshire Relocation Real Estate Information (Baker Energy Audits and Commercial Properties Inspections) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie:  OK... the grumpy one is here again.  Question:  Why do you DO stuff like this?  Fix things that weren't broken.  I thought things were working smoothly.  Nice... and smoothly.  And then... minutes ago, whooosh!

OK... the clouds are nice.  But now we have lots of unlearning of the old, learning of the new to do... and trying to find stuff that I previously knew exactly where to look for it.

OK... I'll just make myself a peanut butter and NyQuil sandwich and play with this for a few days.  Hopefully some of the things I use will not be too hidden.  (ps... want some PB & NQ?)

ps... and I think I know the links Dale is speaking of.  Just let them alone, please.  They work well as is.  There are about ten of them or so... having to do with points, blogs, groups, lotsa stuff.  It's in a good place... not much of the public would go there.  Just a thought.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 6 years ago

Dale - Can you elaborate for me please?  "Links on the left side" of which page?  The important Link on the right side of AR's homepage?  Links on the right side of your AR blog roll?  I'm sorry, please elaborate for me.

Karen Anne - Don't be afraid of change, this is just part of much more to come so get ready!  Don't forget, Nyquil at night, jelly in the am.  :)

Posted by Kerrie La Guardia, Let it Rain! (ActiveRain, Community Manager) almost 6 years ago

Howdy and afternoon Kerrie

Kerrie my friend, the links which are on the left side of our home page which also shows the comments which we have gotten from others and that we have left on blog posts.

The only ones which I'm wonderen about are the ones which do the something as the links on the top bars!

Have a good one

Dale in New Hampshire

Posted by Dale Baker, New Hampshire Relocation Real Estate Information (Baker Energy Audits and Commercial Properties Inspections) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie... I think it's the "My Home" page that Dale is referencing.  In fact, I am pretty sure of it... seeing what he has written in #8.

My suggestion... leave it alone.  It is very well organized right where it is, and it's out of sight from the public.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 6 years ago

I almost didn't know who you were with your new last name. ;-)  What a couple of weeks of changes you've had. 

Posted by Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED (RETIRED / State License is Inactive) almost 6 years ago

There are always going to be those who don't embrace the changes.  I think it looks good, feels good and it took about five minutes aftere I said to myself "Self WTF did they do now?"  Hope you're doing well gorgeous, now that you're a Sadie.  Do you know the reference?

Posted by Roger D. Mucci, Lets shake things up at your home today! (Shaken...with a Twist 216.633.2092) almost 6 years ago

I commented on Bob's blog, I think about the changes, but I was using Internet Explorer. Now that I'm up on Google Chrome, it appears the same to me.  Also, I previously thought the pop up was from Product Reviews, but it's the blog section that has the pop up.  Kinda confusing, but I found my blog subscription folks by hitting "view all blogs".  Change is inevitable and we'll figure it out!

Posted by Jan Green, HomeSmart Elite Group, REALTOR®, EcoBroker, GREEN (Value Added Service, 602-620-2699) almost 6 years ago

Change is good, although I am a creature of habit.  My only complaint suggestion is that when you click on Blogs the Featured Posts come up, and it can take a while to see the "View More Blogs" at the bottom.  Maybe it would be better to have the dropdown be "Featured Blogs" "Other Blogs.  It is a little overkill since the featured blogs are already there when you get to the site.

Posted by Jane Peters, Los Angeles real estate concierge services (Home Jane Realty) almost 6 years ago

So far so good! I love it! Let me take a little more time and I can report again.

Posted by Sussie Sutton, UTR TEXAS Realtors - Rep for buyers and sellers. (UTR Texas Realtors) almost 6 years ago


I "Like" it!!

I just need to look around a little more and keep up with all the GREAT changes

Posted by Dona Reynolds, St. Joseph MO (Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Stein Summers) almost 6 years ago

Very nice, I think it is a nice improvement.  Also to freshen is always good!

Posted by Connie Goodrich, CRS ABR (McKinney Realtor)Texas (Keller Williams Realty) almost 6 years ago will take a little getting used to but I'm game.

BTW...change your name on the ABOUT page ;-)

Posted by Richard Iarossi, Crofton MD Real Estate, Annapolis MD Real Estate (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage) almost 6 years ago

Hello Kerrie, Change happens all the time, it will just take awhile to adjust to the new change. 

Posted by Will Hamm, "Where There's a Will, There's a Way!" (Hamm Homes) almost 6 years ago

Sure I just catch on to the last design and they are changing it on me.

Posted by William Feela, Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No. (WHISPERING PINES REALTY) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie,  I like it. I've read some post from those who don't like change. As with all change we do adjust.  I knew what the changes were going to be so seeing it today left me only welcoming the change.

Posted by Kathleen Daniels, San Jose Homes for Sale-Probate & Trust Specialist (KD Realty - 408.972.1822) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie, it looks simple/clean. My only mouse "problem" is that I am moving it around too much and when I was trying to get to "following", the blogs drop down kept happening.Being more mellow with the mouse is in order.

Love your new last name!

Posted by Gayle Rich-Boxman Fishhawk Lake Real Estate, "Your Local Expert!" 503-755-2905 (John L Scott Market Center) almost 6 years ago

Congrats guys.  It looks great and it functions easy.  I see no issue with it so far. 

Posted by Florida Tolbert Team Keller Williams Advantage, Keller Williams Land Division Specialist (Keller Williams Advantage III Realty in Lake Nona) almost 6 years ago

Looks great and is easy to navigate after you get use to it...

Posted by Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS, Tacoma Washington Agent/Broker & Market Authority! (RE/MAX Northwest.) almost 6 years ago

Yeap! STATES are behind the STATS button.....going to take some getting used to...I like the "cloud" effect!

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie, States across the top and not hidden would certainly help the local prospects find us easier, don't ya think?

Posted by Ed Silva, Central CT Real Estate Broker Serving all equally (RE/MAX Professionals, CT 203-206-0754 ) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie, change can be difficult especially when we thing everything is working great!  I had agreed earlier with posts complaining about the changes.  I am 100% in support of it now, and have found the way to get around in it! 

Posted by Barbara Hensley, Homes for Sale in Rockwall County, Texas (RE/MAX Properties) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie, I love the fresh look.  However, I would like to be able to click on TAB for my subscribed blogs w/o having to search at bottom of featured posts for that TAB.  Just my $.02.

Posted by Mary Yonkers, Erie/PA Real Estate Instructor (Alan Kells School of Real Estate/Howard Hanna Real Estate) almost 6 years ago

Mary:  If you clicked on the word "blogs" at the top-left corner of this post then at the top left again is a link "My Subscriptions."  Click on that link and it will give you... "your subscription"... the bloggers you have subscribed to.  I hope you could follow my directions.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 6 years ago

Dale - Ah, yes I now know which links you're talking about.  The next release will be the My Profile page so look for a much different feel to that one too.  The new look is more uniformed and sleeker looking.  In the next couple of months you'll know much more.

Carla - It sure has been!  And tomorrow, oh sweet tomorrow I'm off for my honeymoon.  You guys be good while I'm gone :)

Roger - Sadie?  I don't, please teach me!

Jane - Great feedback, we are listening and will be able to share this feedback with our Development team.  Until they say no I can fight for you all.  Hell...even after they say no!  :)

Richard - It doesn't automatically switch over, IT has to update that.  Soon I hope!  I'm loving being Mrs. La Guardia!

Gayle - I feel you, happening to me a bit too.  Thanks!

Ed - I hope they're finding you via your blog posts but anything I can do to make them find you easier, stay on your page and contact you is my goal.

Barbara - Excellent!!

Mary - The easiest way I find to get there now is to click Following.  It takes you right to your subscriber roll.

Karen Anne - Thanks for being present.  Hope your PB&J this am was fabulous!  

Posted by Kerrie La Guardia, Let it Rain! (ActiveRain, Community Manager) almost 6 years ago

Howdy Kerrie, I actually like the change however I do miss Bob's Rain Header...boohoo..... The new one is stellar also...

Looking forward to the many changes and also hearing what other AR member have to say. You guys steered up the hornets nest right along with Google+....ha!

Kerrie, you may not think at times we appreciate you the staff but I can speak for many in the RAIN we do  appreciate everything you/staff and the Ambassadors do for our members.

"It's All Good In The RAIN" 


Posted by Bob Ratliff, "Sold with Bob" (Robert Ratliff Realty) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie, Is there a new written tutorial on the changes.  Some things I cannot find - active rain contests. I used to be able to just go to the top bar and click on it and re-read the post. Now I cannot find it.

Also, where can I find the stats of how many times your profile has been viewed.  Used to pop up when I went to My Traffic. It is no longer there.

Will get used to it in time. It's just that learning curve that is frustrating.

Posted by Bobbie Smith, 570-242-1891 almost 6 years ago

Kerrie, OK. I found the contests so ignore that from the comment above but am still looking for the profile views Thank you.

Posted by Bobbie Smith, 570-242-1891 almost 6 years ago

Change is good at times. I like the design and flow much better

Posted by Harry F. D'Elia, Investor , Mentor, GRI, Radio, CIPS, REOs, ABR (Real Estate and Beyond, LLC) almost 6 years ago

The new look sharp, it will take a while to get use to it

Posted by Joe Jackson, Clintonville and Central Ohio Real Estate Expert (Keller Williams Capital Partners Realty) almost 6 years ago

I like it. Very clean and easy to use! Great job!

Posted by Paul McFadden, Pest Control, Seattle, WA. (Paratex) almost 6 years ago

Welcome back from the Honeymoon Kerrie...congraulations to the two of you!

Posted by Ginny Gorman, Homes for Sale in North Kingstown RI and beyond (RI Real Estate Services ~ 401-529-7849~ RI Waterfront Real Estate) almost 6 years ago

Bobbie - If you go to your My Home and click the number next to Subscribers (under your profile picture on the left) you'll see your profile views at the top. 

Thanks Ginny!!! It was amazing and I wish I was still under the palm trees!

Posted by Kerrie La Guardia, Let it Rain! (ActiveRain, Community Manager) almost 6 years ago

LOVE the new look and feel and thought I'd stop by to publicly welcome Ms. LaGuardia back from her honeymoon!  Hope you had a blast doll!  xoxo

Posted by Debe Maxwell, CRS, Charlotte Homes for Sale - Charlotte Neighborhoods ( | The Maxwell House Group | RE/MAX Executive | (704) 491-3310) almost 6 years ago


Like the new look. There are a few things that I struggled with in the beginning but it is smooting out as I go along.

Posted by Alan Kirkpatrick, Alan in Austin (Austin Texas Homes) almost 6 years ago

Kerrie there are a lot of things I like but at the same time there are a lot of things I do not care for, such as what happened to the different States we could check out who the Rainers are? Where they stand in the various cities and counties? This was a great feature to pass referral to.....What happened to the easy button to see what contests are going on and see if we want to participate or not...anyway that should give you food for thought!

Posted by Endre Barath, Jr., Realtor - Los Angeles Home Sales 310.486.1002 (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices) almost 6 years ago